Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Timeless Knight by Torie James

As a fan of anything Arthurian or paranormal, I was surprised to find both in Timeless Night. The legend of Camelot has been told in many ways, however,  author Torie James created a unique spin to the age old lore—adding a modern day twist. I knew from the first few pages that I would have a difficult time putting this book down.
 The author, Torie James, penned old world magic, modern day charm, and downright witty scenes throughout this amazing story. The paranormal aspect of the story has a twist I didn't see coming, and at first I thought "No…please don't do this." But oh, what surprises were in store for me. Pure magic was scribed in this tale. I suspect Torie James has a bit of fae blood flowing in her veins. 

Sabrina Foxworth, a strong-willed, modern day woman, is thrown into a whirlwind which changes her life forever. Her childhood dreams begin to make sense—though quite hard for her to swallow. Add to that, Mr. Dreamy-creamy-In-Her-Pants, a.k.a Alex, and all the magical twists he delivers…oh my. Despite her attraction, Sabrina refuses to follow his orders, and does things on her terms. She finds Alex's "explanations" and the ensuing turn of events difficult to believe. However, her very essence cannot deny deep down, she knows Alex speaks the truth. A truth that can be the very death of her.
The scenes are so well written I could "see" them. The personalities of both Alex and Sarah are strong, both conflicting with the other, while at the same time, pulling them closer together. 

The secondary characters, Merlyn, Gawain, Arthur, Guinevere and others are well- developed. I really can't say enough about Timeless Night by Torie James. It's absolutely amazing. 

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  1. Thank you so very much for the lovely review! I'm over the moon you liked it!