Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wicked Satyr Nights by Rebekah Lewis

Excerpt: The pale light gave her a bluish hue, and so distracted was he by her natural beauty that he didn't see her scars right away. The puckered flesh traveled her lift thigh and hip coming just to her waist and across her stomach, and likely her back as well. The crisscrossing scar tissue was the only imperfection on her soft, otherwise flawless, skin.
"Oh, vixen." He dropped to his knees and drew her closer. "What did this to you?" He ran his hand over the markings.

I loved the tenderness of above scene.

 That said, read on for my review of Wicked Satyr Nights. 

I couldn't put down this book! Thanks to the author, Rebekah Lewis, I lost sleep. Why? Well, let's sum it up with the fact bedtime meant nothing when it came to putting down Wicked Satyr Nights. Just one more chapter became my motto. 

I am intrigued by mythology, and wow, I inadvertently learned a lot about it. The author seamlessly entwines mythology with contemporary times. Not only that, the premise of this story was so well thought out it is BELIEVABLE.

 Kat, the heroine, is an independent, professional woman: yet her recent accident has her reeling. Finally healed--on the outside anyway--Kat takes an assignment to film a documentary on the urban legend, the Jersey Devil, without really holding any belief such a thing exists--until the winged myth kidnaps her.

It's clear the author did her research, right down to the weapons, curses, lineage of the gods, as well as the strength and weakness each hold. The immense thought involved combining myth, logic, human, god, and nymph is seamless. Not once did I doubt the plot, or trip on a hitch...other than the one in my heart when mythological god and human join with acceptance and love. 

The sexual scenes between the two main characters, Pan (the Jersey Devil) and Kat are steamy and loving. Their conversations are deep and usually fall into playful banter. I laughed out loud several times. I love it when that happens.

I'm drawn to series books, but I need closure. The ending of this book left me wanting more without leaving me hanging. Well done!

I highly recommend this book to those who want to broaden their mind while entertaining the possibility of love despite differences, faults or past mistakes. 

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