Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Story Keeper by Lisa Wingate

The cold feeling washed over me again--a brew of fear, fascination, and uncertainty. How could all of this be a coincidence? Who'd left this thing on my desk, and with what intention? ~Excerpt from The Story Keeper

The Story Keeper is two books in one. It is about a New York City editor Jen Gibbs, and the historical journey of a Melungeon woman, Sarra. I was captivated by the entwining stories.
Jen Gibbs, a new editor at George Vida's publishing company, discovers a partial manuscript on her desk. Unfortunately, it's from the notorious Slush Mountain—the one no one but the owner himself touches. Unsure of who put it on her desk, Jen is determined to return it, but first, a tiny peek won't hurt. Right?


Slush Mountain hurtles Jen Gibbs directly to the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. The very place which sheltered her childhood from the outside world. The place she fled from years ago.

The mysterious manuscript grabs Jen by the throat, and won't let go. She must find the author; even if it means visiting painful memories. I couldn't let go of the manuscript either. I traveled with Jen Gibbs through the back roads, and into a world far removed from New York City...and enjoyed every moment.   

The author, Lisa Wingate, has seamlessly captured past and future. Never did I feel jolted from one time period to the other. I probably could sum up this book in two words: full impact. The growth of the main character, Jen Gibbs, is gradual and full. The story of the Melungeon woman, Sarra, and Rand, the man who found her, is astounding.

I found myself whispering parts of this book, savoring the language of Appalachian history with each word.

Be sure to put this book on your TBR list.

Quick question:  Did you google Melungeon? And when did google become a verb? Oh geez, that's two questions. Feel free to answer either or both.

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